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Musings on Songs that Strike a Chord Tonight


Here are some links I find cool or helpful or worth the while to visit. You may feel the same way.

WFVU  –  The best radio station in the New York Metro area. They stream two channels online and you can hear them at 90.7 on your FM dial. If you listen, support them; it cost a lot to stream that music.

Vin Scelsa’s Idiot’s Delight – Now playing on WFUV on Saturday Nights (8 p.m. to 12 a.m. Eastern Time), he maybe the last of the free from radio DJs. He’ll read, interview artist, rant, host live performances, play new artist, play songs you never knew established artists did, all in an idiosyncratic manner that provides revelation by the boatload. Well worth your while. You can listen online or check out his archive.

Tom Reney, Host of Jazz a la Mode J on WCFR in Western Mass – Tom’s taught me much and forgotten things I haven’t gotten around to learning yet. He hosts a jazz show, but he has a broad definition of jazz. Listen and you come away feeling better than when you started. You can listen online.

No Depression – The best music magazine no longer in print, though they continue to live online.

Paste – The best music magazine still n print and online and on your CD player. Check them out and support the guys; they work hard for their money.

Accoustic Music Scene – News & Commentary for the Folk, Roots & Singer-Songwriter Communities. Run by Michael Kornfeld.

Late Night Music Club – A cool music blog site with lots of passion

Star Maker Machine – A fun and creative music blog

Pitchfork – Big website with lots of new music, reviews, news, some downloads. Often the first place to hear about new artists.

Stereogum – A blog site that loves the new and ain’t kind to the old.

Bob – Cause I’m a Dylan fan and the site is packed with lyrics, videos and another info.  They’ll be glad to sell you stuff too.

The Avett Brothers – Cause I listen to them more than any other band right now.

Amy Correia – Cause I love her son “The Bike” and she deserves the support.

Amy Rigby – Fearless and very cool. Wrote about her son “Beer and Kisses.”


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  1. Hi:

    Cool blog you have here. 🙂 Do you listen to WFMU any?

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