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My Old Man – Steve Goodman

November 23, 2010

My Dad would’ve turned 83 today, so you won’t blame me if I gave Steve Goodman’s ode to his father’s passing a spin. Singing in a rueful voice, the whisper of strings in the background, Goodman’s meditation on his Dad teeters on the maudlin. He saves the song with the honesty of his portrait and the truth he finds.

Songs about Fathers

June 18, 2010

With Father’s Day upon us, I thought to compile a list of songs about fathers. I wanted good songs about fathers or fathers relating to their children or children relating to fathers. This is not a list of gauzy greeting-card songs. The picks run the gamut from the gentle (“Dad’s Yard”) to funny (“A Boy Named Sue”) to proud (“If That Ain’t Country”) to remorseful (“My Old Man”) to angry (plenty of those). To make the list, the songs had to be about a man, so no songs about God or other men (Neil Young’s “Old Man” is about a ranch hand) or songs with the word in the title that has nothing to do with being a father (“Papa’s Got a Band New Bag” or “Only Daddy That’ll Walk the Line”).

I start with songs that I recommend and then add a list of other songs about fathers or mentioning fathers that you might find interesting. (Thanks to Pat for helping compile the list). I make no claim that this is a definitive list or a comprehensive list. If you see a title highlighted, you can click on it to hear a performance of the song. I welcome additional songs and your comments. Enjoy and Happy Father’s Day.